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In the framework of the "Programme de renforcement des capacités commerciales de la CEEAC" project, the SOGES team opens today in Douala, Camerun, the 3-days seminar “Réunion de restitution de livrables du projet”.

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen regional cohesion through strategic actions and initiatives aimed at contributing to sustainable economic development and poverty reduction in Central Africa countries.

Specifically the meeting, grouping institutional and private sector representatives coming from a number of Central Africa countries, aims to enable Member States to:

1. Validate and appropriate the project deliverables;

2. Reflect on a shared regional program to develop  and improve analytical capacity in trade and economic development, to facilitate better ownership of project results.

The meeting will also allow ECCASCEMAC and Member States to prioritize and make coherent actions related to trade negotiations and regional economic development, in view of the 'Supporting Trade and Economic Integration (PACIE)' program identification, in the framework of the 11th EDF Regional Indicative Programme.

                                                  Réunion Douala 27-29 mars 2018

                                                  Réunion Douala 27-29 mars 2018